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Iman Omari Swoons Fans At The Rivoli

On Friday September 7th, Iman Omari visited the Rivoli in Toronto to preform for dozens of expecting fans. The LA bred jack-of-all-musical-trades preformed hits off his Energy album with a live backing band and the screams of the adoring public cascading through walls of the intimate setting. After preforming his set, Iman came back onstage after screams of “One More Song” led the host backstage to seek out Mr. Omari and the band. His neo-soul jazz-rap music may sound alien to some of today’s musical connoisseurs, but from the response at his show, it seems that it has found a solid following in Toronto.


Photos by Derek Hui

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  1. Juan

    November 24, 2012 9:32 pm

    Φίλε side21 μίλησες κατευθείαν στην ψυχή ενός μόνιμου δραπέτη, με αυτή σου την ανάρτηση. Άλλωστε δεν θα μπορούσε να είναι και διαφορετικά, η ψυχή ενός 15αρη φυλακισμένη στο γέρικο σώμα ενός 74αρη. Αχ, να είχα πέννα να έγραφα τα όνειρά μου, τις αποδράσεις μου! gskastro

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