I just want to have a few beers and talk to you guys,” JMSN said in between sips of Heineken (his first in two weeks), in reply to his bandmate John Anderson’s inquiry about a post-show celebration. If there was an upcoming artist deserving of a victory lap on December 12th, 2012, it was JMSN. His first sold-out show as a headliner at downtown Los Angeles’ Troubadour, one of the most historic musical venues in the country, was indeed a moment of validation for him, his team, and their relentless hard work.

Joined by a string quartet and three bandmates, the twenty-five year old multifaceted musician/creative dominated the shoulder-to-shoulder crowded venue. JMSN opened in the same vein as ‘†Priscilla†’ with haunting voice messages filling a nearly blacked-out room, before stepping onstage and performing the intro track ‘Jameson’. His stage presence embodies a mellowed-out Mick Jagger in an oversized white tee, with vocal abilities that the English rocker himself would approve of. While many could argue that ‘Fire’ is not the strongest cut on his latest body of work, the song begs to be performed as it translates immaculately live, and was amongst the best in his set.



Review & Photos by: Luis Valdizon


After JMSN’s exit, the audience rallied together, joining in a boisterous chant for a performance of ‘Love & Pain’. Shortly after, Ab-Soul, a member of Compton’s hip-hop collective TDE, stepped out from the shadows to announce his soon-to-be-released collaborative project with JMSN titled ‘Unit 6’ and re-introduced ‘Young Christo’ back to the stage. Saxophone blared from the speakers, entrancing the crowd completely, and the beginning of the end of his successful night ensued. There were more than a few record label executives watching JMSN closely. If you were in attendance, it’s safe to say that you were a part of music history.