Back in 2012 when everyone thought the issues surrounding Azealia Banks and Diplo track “Fuck Up The Fun” had been brought to an end, that was clearly not the case. It’s been two years now and the Azealia Banks track which could be found from the beginning on Soundcloud is still not settled. The song uses MasterD’s “Mad Drumz” with Azealia rapping her own lyrics on top and that’s become a continuous issue since he claimed copyright in 2008. It’s important to recognize all credits of the song were given to Diplo.  It was apparently meant to be turned into a collaboration but of course that never panned out. During this Diplo even stated ”these guys are my homies. If anyone can really help break these underground movements it’s a young artist like Azealia Banks.”

A copy of the lawsuit hasn’t been released yet, but rumours are saying it’s aiming at not only Diplo but “Universal Music Group as well as all the retailers that allegedly distributed Banks’ “Fantasea” mixtape, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, and Best Buy“). Keyword: allegedly, because the question can be raised if it was even sold legitimately in outlets.

After MasterD claimed copyright so long ago, Diplo chose to come out with the song under his name, MasterD also comes forward to say he was never contacted for permission before it was released on Soundcloud, and a collab was never final. He does let everyone know Azealia Banks and Diplo tried to settle all of this, but here we are today with a lawsuit.

With music so accessible now a days through outlets like soundcloud, figuring out how much money MasterD has lost out on would be a headache. I never noticed how often this happens in hip-hop, using other people’s work in free mixtapes and circumstances like that. I mean with this and another recent case of Lido’s Disclosure remix of “Latch” being taken down, dance music is clearly a whole different game.