1. A Mind-Bending Lineup

Headlined by The Cure (which is fucking cool, especially after Robert Smith’s recent feature on Crystal Castles Single “Not In Love”) Riot Fest featured some of the most celebrated bands of the modern music era. With the likes of Glassjaw, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday and Bring Me The Horizon stacking the day 1 lineup, if you weren’t at Downsview Park last Saturday, you weren’t fucking living. Day two of the festival featured indie-rock kings Death Cab For Cutie alongside critically acclaimed Cincinnati band The National, while Canadian folk hero Dallas Green aka. City and Colour closed out the festival on Sunday night.

Photos by Matt Forsythe / Words by Alex Biro

2. A Wrestling Ring with Wrestlers Paid to Wrestle… Continuously

Me and about 100 other people stood around watching the same dudes wrestle for half an hour… for all I know, they’re still fucking going.

3. Brand New Played and it was Fucking Insane

I don’t care if you don’t like “Emo,” or if you don’t like alternative music, or if you’ve never even fucking heard of them. After watching a minute and a half of a Brand New set, if you aren’t in awe, in tears or smiling at the unadulterated love their fan-base has for them, you probably don’t have a soul.

4. Most of Alexisonfire Were There, but They Didn’t Play, Which Sucked

A lot of us (and by a lot of us, I mean fans AND artists alike) were anticipating/expecting/hoping for some sort of Alexisonfire reunion. When that didn’t happen at the end of City and Colour’s set, hearts around Downsview audibly cracked.

5. Getting Covered in Mud was Potentially the Best Part

It was literally like Woodstock 1994.
A lot of people had to say goodbye to a lot of good pairs of shoes.