The streets have always had a negative connotation to the average person. The struggles, pains and stories manifested from the ghetto however, have given birth to some of our generation’s most influential musical and cultural icons.

Atelier New Regime’s F/W’15 collection is inspired by the unfortunate truths we know about our modern culture and what really goes on in the streets.

During a time when the “trap” is glorified and represents a safe haven to many of us, Atelier New Regime wants to draw a parallel between the world so familiar to our generation and that which we strive for. The hustle, the drive, the sleepless nights and the fearlessness of competition are the common denominators. Pursuing your dreams should not come at the expense of your freedom or your life. Stay out of the streets; the block is hot.

Model: Emile Woon
Photographer: Yan Bleney
MUA: Isabella Forget