The vocals on “No Good” are something else. This is Scarborough’s Alcordo, the r&b songstress is signed to JMSN‘s home label, White Room Records. On her debut single, Alcordo embodies the perfect DNA for a soulful ballad. Over at Ones To Watch, she gave us more insight on her state of mind when she wrote the track:

‘No Good’ was written when I was 18, after I met the first guy I had seriously got involved with in high school. I felt this experience is something most people could relate to in some degree. Giving in to people that hold us back just because all we wish for is someone that cares. Sometimes the people that seem to care the most only really do harm. They’re the only ones there at that moment, and we’re afraid to escape and find something else. Fearing that no one will ever be there again.

Also touring with JMSN, Alcordo is set to perform an opening set at Mod Club in Toronto tonight. Take a listen to her new song, No Good.