Rihanna, Rihanna What can you say about this bad gal. I absolutely love all of her ideas that she has been bringing to life with her side hustles. From the Fenty Beauty, to her fashion line, and a collection of awards, Rihanna is the epitome of hustle. It’s with great pleasure that she graces my Trakhaüs cover. Take a listen to my selection of music from Belly, Kamaiyah, G-Eazy, Rochelle Jordan, Lil Uzi Vert, French Montana, as well as edits by FS Green, Planet Giza, Full Crate, Uproot Andy, Sango, and much more. Trakhaüs airs every Saturday night at 11pm/et on iHeartRadio Canada. Download the iHeartRadio Canada app or simply visit hustlegrl.com/trakhaus to listen. Listed below is my playlist: