One night I was browsing on Reddit and stumbled upon a thread highlighting a digital music festival, with advertised set times from DJs around the world. Sounds like your staple music event you can find streaming online right? Except what caught my attention was how this was more like a chat room, with a live DJ hosting the space. No video. No physical crowd. Instead, you’re met with music lovers in what reminds me of a mid-2000s Yahoo chat room. What I’m talking about is: CUE Music – a live audio streaming platform.

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”400″]

Now, the UI can use a little facelift but I hear they’re working on that. Besides how easy it is to connect to a room, my favourite thing about CUE is having the ability to stream from the comfort of your home (download the app on iOs or Android). All you need is your DJ gear, a laptop, and an internet connection. This is a great platform for: bedroom DJs, trying out new ideas/techniques, folks who haven’t had the chance to hear you play live, and plenty more. For the month of May, I’ll be playing an 1.5-hour set every Tuesday night at 9pm/et. You can listen by pressing play above, downloading CUE Music on iOS/Android or clicking “Live*” up on the menu… get ready!